International Learn To Fly Day 2011

May 21, 2011

The weather god was playing with our heads again, but we ended up with a successful International Learn to Fly Day event. 28 people got a chance to ascend into the heavens (if only for a short time). After a murky early start, the clouds lifted and we ended up with good flying weather for the entire day. We flew 6 Young Eagles (not planned, but they showed up...) plus 22 adults including one young lady celebrating her 19th birthday.

Thanks to our pilots, Nels Anderson, Lee Cooprider, Jim Ellis, Bob Glorioso, and Fred Moses, especially Nels who flew the last few participants well after closing time. Also thanks to Leo Hickey and Mark Saklad and the others for their help on the ground.

Here is a photo gallery of the day:


Photos by Leo Hickey


Photos by Andy Goldstein

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