EAA Chapter 196 Picnic Fly-In At Myricks Airfield

September 10th 2000

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Report By Jon Engvall

The Chapter 196 fly-in was held on September 10, 2000 at Myricks Airfield (1M8) in Berkley, Massachusetts. Below is a photo gallery of the event.

What a fabulous day it was on September 10 when the Chapter set up to feed the masses at the annual fly-in. Geno Tassinari was once again the most significant contributor of time, energy and equipment. What would Micki do if Geno forgot his PA system?

On Saturday, at the YE Rally, the president volunteered to take the grill so that Mike Doyle could fly his Skyhawk. What a surprise when I arrived to find Mike hauling things from his truck. It seems between the time I left Stow on Saturday and Sunday morning a call was made to Mike to pick up some tables and a few other things. Actually they could have gone on my truck, had I known.

I am not sure how many were fed. It was a lot. I am sure that we will have a report from Geno or Mike with a tally. There was no food left over and our treasurer had a bundle of dough.

There were numerous airplanes of interest.

Paul French flew his trusty J-3. There were a number of people hanging around his airplane all through the day. Fred Moses and his aircraft partner flew their Skylane in. Nice job Fred! Will and Jan flew in their awe inspiring Cessna 310. Everyone looks forward to their presence at these events. Thanks y'all!

Not to be overlooked were the gathered Corvettes and other interesting vehicles.

Our thanks to Murray Randall for making the place available to us. It is one of the nicest private airstrips around.


Visit Aeroplanner.com for information on Myricks Airport.

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