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Michael Smith TV Interview

Chapter president Michael Smith appeared on local TV in a 30 minute interview with host Steve Iverson, talking about home building and other aviation topics. The video is available on Youtube here.

Myricks Fly-In 2013

Our 2013 fly-in at Myricks probably had our biggest turnout ever, with lots of planes and many local visitors to enjoy the perfect weather. Here is a photo gallery of the event.

Myricks Fly-In 2012

Every year we seem to manage great weather for our annual fly-in at Myricks. 2012 was no exception. Here's a photo gallery of the event.

International Learn To Fly Day 2011

EAA Chapter 196 celebrated International Learn to Fly Day on May 21, 2011 by offering free introductory airplane rides to adults. It was just like our regular Young Eagles rallies, but for grownups. A photo gallery of last year's event can be found here.

6B6 Live Audio At

On April 20, 2010 Minute Man Air Field was added to the extensive collection of live aviation audio feeds available at LiveATC. A simple hookup of the office scanner and the same laptop computer we use for our weather feed was all that was required. Bill Greenberg and Nels Anderson did the installation. Live audio can now be heard here.

Runway 21 PAPI Dedication

A new PAPI system for runway 21, paid for through a fundraiser in the local pilot community and included a major contribution from EAA Chapter 196, was commissioned November 14, 2009 in a ceremony lead by airport manager Don McPherson and attended by a number of local pilots. Photos of the event were supplied by Airport Commissioner Bob Glorioso.

2010 Myricks Video
2009 Myricks Video

Myricks Fly-In 2009

How do we do it? Every year we manage to have great weather for our annual EAA Chapter 196 fly-in, and this year was no exception. There was a large turnout of aircraft and people and a great day enjoyed by all. Here is a photo gallery of the event.

40th Anniversary Open House

On July 11, 2009, Minute Man Air Field held a 40th anniversary open house. EAA chapter 196 participated by holding a record setting Young Eagles rally and also by firing up the grills. Here is a photo gallery of the day.

Myricks Fly-In 2008

As we do every September, the Chapter 196 fly-in was held on September 21, 2008 under sunny skies. Turnout was not as big as some years, but those who attended enjoyed a beautiful day and our usual great food. Here is a photo gallery of the event.

Acton Discovery Museum Tour

On July 19 and 26, 2007 chapter members Leo Hickey and Nels Anderson gave airport tours to students from the Discovery Museum in Acton.

The kids, in grades 2 through 4, have been learning about aviation as part of a museum summer program and during the tours got to see some real airplanes, view all the working parts and sit in the cockpit and try moving the controls.

Jill Foster from the museum wrote: They loved their visit! Being able to identify and touch all of the various parts of the different planes, to sit in the cockpit and see and feel first hand how the controls work and just imagine what it would feel like, was simply awesome.

Collings Foundation Living History Weekend 2007

For several years now we've helped the Collings Foundation with their annual June open house. Last year they decided to add a second event, a WWII themed living history weekend. As usual, we manned the grills for both days and it would appear that this weekend brought the biggest crowds ever. For a look, see the photo gallery of the event.

Collings Foundation Open House 2007

We had perfect summer weather and record crowd for the annual open house at the Collings Foundation as once again we provided food for hundreds of people who came to see all the cars and airplanes. Our biggest problem was keeping stocked with enough food! A photo gallery of the event can be found here. For more information on the Collings Foundation visit their web site.

Yahoo Group

We now have a Yahoo Group set up with amoung other things allows any member of the Chapter to send group emails to all other group members. Sign up here.

Myricks Fly-In 2006

Unlike the previous year, for 2006 there was no question that the weather for our annual fly-in would be perfect. The sun was out, winds were calm, temperatures were comfortable...all in all, just about as perfect a day as you could ask for. We had lots of planes fly in and the grills were kept busy serving up hamburgers and hot dogs. We now have a photo gallery online for the 2006 event here.

Collings Foundation Open House 2006

We were invited once again to provide food for the hundreds of people who attended the annual Father's Day weekend open house at the Collings Foundation. Both days provided hot summer weather and big crowds so we were all kept busy cooking and serving burgers and hotdogs. For a photo gallery of the event, please go here. For more information on the Collings Foundation visit their web site.

6B6 Weather Station

Update: On December 24, 2005 Bill Greenberg completed the computer setup necessary to get the weather station information on the Internet. Our station can now be viewed at Weather Underground.

At our May meeting the club agreed to purchase a weather station to be installed at the airport and eventually connected to allow Internet access via Weather Underground. On July 10 a crew consisting of Bill Greenberg, Hector Constantzos and Nels Anderson started the installation by getting the equipment up on the airport tower:

Wind indicators getting installed    Wind indicators getting installed    Main sensor box being prepared    Main sensor box going on the tower    Sensor box wiring    Let's plug it in!   

A few weeks later, the station console was installed in the airport office and is now available for use. The full Internet connect for remote access is still to be installed.

Myricks Fly-In 2005

Despite being cancelled on Saturday due to the foul weather, the fly-in got un-cancelled Sunday morning and actually turned out to be quite a nice day with as good attendence as we normally get. We now have a photo gallery online for the 2005 event here.

Collings Foundation Open House 2005

For the second year we were invited to run the food concession at the annual Collings Foundation open house held at their headquarters in Stow. The weekend forecast looked awful, but in fact the weather turned out fine, if quite cloudy. We kept the grills going both days and served even more people than the previous year. For a photo gallery of the event, please go here. For more information on the Collings Foundation visit their web site.

Myricks Fly-In 2004

Chapter 196 and others holds an old time fly-in and cookout at Myricks Airport each September. In 2004 it was held on Sunday, September 12. More information here. Also, we now have two photo galleries online for the 2004 event, one by Bill Greenberg and one by Nels Anderson.

Collings Foundation Open House 2004

The Collings Foundation maintains a large collection of antique cars and airplanes and holds an open house once a year at their headquarters in Stow. This year for the first time we were invited to participate and run the food concession. With good weather both days the even was a great success for the chapter. Here is a photo gallery.

Myricks Fly-In 2003

Chapter 196 and others holds an old time fly-in and cookout at Myricks Airport each September. In 2003 it was held on Sunday, September 7. Here is a photo gallery of the event.

Myricks Fly-In 2002

Our annual fly-in at Myricks Airport was held Sunday, September 8th, 2002. For more information read here.

Collings Foundation Tour

On April 20, 2002 we joined with Chapter 1314 from Keene, NH for a tour of the Collings Foundation collection of aircraft and antique cars. Check out the photo gallery.

2003 Young Eagles Schedule Announced

Young Eagle Coordinator Charlie Smith has announced the schedule for our monthly Young Eagles rallies for the year 2003. Visit our Young Eagles page for the details.

Young Eagles Rally Makes The Newspapers

Our March 9, 2002 Young Eagles Rally was covered by a reporter and photographer from CNC and the resulting article appeared in the MetroWest Daily News and on the front page of the Acton/Boxborough Beacon. Read it here.

Fred Moses Writes Review

Chapter member Fred Moses recently had a review published at FlightSim.Com about Getting Around On The Ground by Aviation Tutorials. This computer based tutorial teachs pilots about airport markings, signs and lighting. With runway incursions a current hot topic this sort of information is worthwhile for all pilots.

Myricks Fly-In 2001

Chapter 196 and others holds an old time fly-in and cookout at Myricks Airport each September. In 2001 it was held on Sunday, September 7. Here is a photo gallery of the event.

EAA Air Academy

EAA pilots Nels Anderson, Jim Ellis, Norm Landry and Mike Doyle have accumulated enough Jaguar/YE credits to sponsor a scholarship. (Credits can be assigned to a local person or into a general pool.) The pilots chose a local person, 13 year old Samuel Corner. Congratulations and best wishes Samuel, for a wonderful aviation camp experience.

Jim Ellis Published In Atlantic Flyer

Jim Ellis is about to get published again, with an article in the June issue of the Atlantic Flyer about his New Zealand trip--balloons, planes, etc.

New Windsock At 6B6

Airport manager Don McPherson has told us that he has acquired a new windsock. We would like to put together a work party to help with the setup, as all the parts have now arrived.

From The Veep

It is January, the start of a new year for us all, and our January meeting is the opportunity to complete some chapter business left over from last year. At the elections, we were left with one unfilled office--the office of president. We now have the chance to complete this work in a special election on January 26th.

New chapter member Bill Greenberg recently moved his airplane to Minuteman from Marlborough. When we spoke and mentioned that we were without a president from our last election, he mentioned that he was considering running for that office in the Marlborough EAA chapter.

Bill has graciously decided to accept the formal nomination for president. We started our January meeting with a special election to fill the office of president.

Holiday Get-Together

Our holiday party was held on December 8th at the Airfield Cafe, once again offered to us by Nancy McPherson. We had a wonderful time, accented by an amazing communal rendition of "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" that Micki led, with each day sung by a different group. The evening was capped by a funny and delightful Yankee swap. If you were not there, plan on it for next December. It is a fun event.

Letter From Scout Troup 500

We received a very nice letter from Robert M. Lilly, Advancement Chairman for Boy Scout Troup 500 in which he thanks the chapter for the Young Eagles flights and also mentions an article about the rally that will appear in the Woburn Daily Times Chronicle. Read his letter here.

Line Painting Project

There has been a discussion about repainting the runways, with airport manager Don McPherson looking for help from the chapter. Fred Moses volunteered at the October meeting to coordinate. Work is planned for November 11th.

Newsletter Editor Needed

The Chapter is still looking for a newsletter editor. One of our most significant contributors is Betty Lee Ward, with Genno Tassinari running a very close second.

International Young Eagles Day

The June 10th event marked International Young Eagles Day and featured clear if hazy skies and light winds. Boy Scout Troup 10 from Medfield was present and all its members were flown as well as many other individuals. A total of 30 kids were flown by the five pilots. The grill, manned by Fred Moses, was also a success with many hot dogs and sodas being purchased.

Successful rallies have also been held this year in July, August, September and October. For more information on Chapter 196 Young Eagles events, visit the Young Eagles page.

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