Young Eagles Rally

July 14, 2018

The weather gods do not like to be trifled with. We ran Saturday's Young Eagles rally on the tail end of a stretch of excellent weather, with low clouds looming nearby, but never moving in completely. We were able to fly all 40 kids who showed up, along with a couple of parents. The word appears to be getting out - compared to past years, attendance is growing. We're also seeing young people developing a serious interest in flying - some of our Young Eagles are already taking lessons, or thinking seriously about doing so. A special thanks to the pilots who spent extra time with them. Thanks to our busy pilots, and to our steadfast ground crew: Dominik Airey, Greg and Pete Alberti, Sue Benua, and Mark Saklad.

Detailed scorecard:

Nels Anderson 6
Jim Ellis 10
Mark Hubelbank 3
Fred Moses 8
Graeme Smith 2
Andy Travnicek 11

Here is a photo gallery of the day:


Photos by Pete Alberti.

To sign up for future events or for additional information please email the Young Eagles coordinator at For last minute information on the day of the event only call the airport at 978-897-3933.

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