Young Eagles Rally

September 9th 2000

Letter From Troup 500

Troup 500 BSA
62 Robinson Road  Woburn, MA  01801-6168

November 8, 2000

Greetings from Troup 500, BSA:

On behalf of the the boys and the adults who participated in the Young Eagles Flights on Saturday, September 9, 2000, I would like to express our thanks for your most generous gift, the gift of flight. It was the first flight for all of our boys and what a wonderful experience it was for them.

I can vividly remember my first flight. The year was 1938 and the location was the old Revere Airport and the plane was a two-seater tandem single engine type. I was completely fascinated with airplanes, so much so that my mother saved for many months and presented me with this flight on my seventh birthday. As soon as I got out of the service I couldn't wait to take lessons and got my license in June of 1953. I know that through your action and your gift a number of our boys will someday also earn their licenses as well. And they will never forget the thrill that you and your organization provided.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to express my thanks, many things have required my attention, and for that reason I had to put off writing to you until now.

Attached is a copy of an article that will appear in the Woburn, Daily Times Chronicle this month. The pilot in this article is Mike Doyle and his copilot was a young man by the name of Chris Allender. As you can see Mr. Doyle really covered quite a few items and explained them well. I'm pleased to tell you that two of the scouts have earned the Aviation Merit Badge to date.

In closing I would like to express my thanks to Peter Benoit who made me aware of your program and Chapter EAA 196 for coordinating this event. And a special thanks to the pilots who gave of their time, money and their airplanes so that children would know and experience the thrill of flight.

Respectfully yours,

Robert M. Lilly
Advancement Chairman

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