Young Eagles Rally

October 13 2001

Report And Comments By Betty-Lee Ward

Beautiful fall folliage but no blue sky and sunshine for the October 13, 2001 Young Eagles Rally. A disappointment for pilots, ground crew and especially for over seventeen young people registered and ready to fly.

As a result, an extra open Young Eagle Rally has been scheduled for Saturday, November 10, 2001 from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon. Pilots, planes and ground crew will be there. Notification by mail and or e-mail etc. planned for those signed up or were there in October. The Boy Scouts return on an individual basis. Hope to see them all and all the rest that came October 13th and any oher Young-Eagles-To-Be.

Notes on October 13, 2001: Boy Scout Troop 1 Hopkington, MA. A special thank you to Assistant Scout Leader James Mutschler for helping with the registration (9) of this fine group of Scouts and for coordinating their visit to Minutes Man Air Field. The Boy Scouts came with plastic bags and picked up trash while waiting their turn for a Young Eagles Flight. Thank You. It was good to see some dads along too. Too bad the weather wasn't more coopertive. Eleven (11) Boy Scouts from Troop 1, Hopkinton flew at our September 11, 1999 Young Eagles Rally and Jim Mutschler assisted at that time too. A sincere and dedicated worker. Again, Thank-you.

Maynard Library: Mr. Mark Malcolm brought he registration forms for those that had signed-up at the Maynard Library (tel. 978 897-1010). Good to see so many interested young people. There were seven from Maynard. Hope they each come back and bring a friend.

Corinne Comly, young missionary from Childrens Haven in Worcester, brought another great group of youngsters. They had an informal soccer game in the center grassy area while waiting patiently for the weather to clear. Corinne has the names and registration forms. Hope to see them in November or next season. I understand they may have gone "Apple Picking" on the way home. Fun!

There were two more registrations, one from Concord and one from Acton. John and Alfredo: November has some beautiful days. See you November 10th.

An adventuresome, interesting and exciting time was had by many young people in a close up visit to an airplane, talking with a real pilot about his plane and what makes it work, and actually sitting in the cockpit. Thank you, Chris Jenkins and Bill Greenberg. Thank you to all the pilots for their dedicated interest in the Young Eagles.

Pilots and ground crew October 13th included: Nels Anderson, Bill Greenberg, Mark Saklad, Jim Ellis, Chris Jenkins, Norman Landry, Tom McGee, Judy McGee, Fred Moses, Rich Olsen, Charlie Smith, Mary Smith and Betty-Lee Ward.

Charlie Smith shared with Chapter 196 members a telephone call he received from Mary Redfield offering to volunteer at the Young Eagle Flights. Apppreciate her offer and were happy to meet her at the October 13th Rally. Hope to see her again soon.

The inclement weather also gave us an opportunity to talk with Maureen Costello, reporter from The Boston Globe. Maureen had been at a previous Young Eagles Rally September 8th. She prepared an article and photograpaher Mark Wilson took photos. The tragic and sad events of September 11th altered the publication plans for their Young Eagles material. I'll let you know date(s). I believe there was a picture published and something else later. Maureen: glad you brought your son, John, October 13th. Look forward to seeing you both with blue skies and sunsine on Novembeer 10th.

Gratitude is expressed for the enthusiastic, thoughtful and continued support of the Young Eagles Program by members of Chapter 196 (and their lovely wives). And a special thank you to Airport Manager, Don McPherson, to Nancy's Air Field Cafe, to Nancy McPherson and her gracious staff.

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